28 weeks 4 days.

ok,i know, i know I have been slacking so bad lately with posting. But I have not been feeling my greatest lately. I have finally hit the point of pregnant where I just feel huge and ready to pop. And I still have some time left until this little boys comes into the world. I now have the joys of the swollen feet, and the awesome sore back. I’m always tired. And with it being so hot lately I feel like I can drink water ALL day and never feel completed hydrated. I have been feeling some pretty good braxton hicks contractions.That can happen at some of the most annoy times. Like when we are trying to get grocery shopping done.  I had my doctor’s appointment Friday and that went pretty good. I am at a total weight gain of 22 pounds. Apparently I’m on the higher end of weight gain. But I don’t really feel as though I gained to much weight. Niko’s heartbeat was good. And once again my blood pressure was good, but they aren’t to worried about that. I had my glucose test done, I almost puked doing that, but that came back good. Niko has now turned so he is bead up again so that’s really good, because the doctor’s were worried about him coming early and everything. The only thing that has been bad news is that I have another uti, but i’m treated for that now. So I’m sure its gone by now. I’m so excited because in 2 weeks I will be talking with another obgyn that specializes in vbacs. And if you have read any of my other posts you will know how dedicated I am to have an all natural vbac. And they will work with me to make this happen. I’m so excited.  But I also know in the back of my mind that it is possible for me to have another c section. I just hope that doesn’t have to happen, I just wish it was August now and I could see his little face. I am so curious about what he will look like. Will he have his daddy;s red hair? or his daddy’s blue eyes? Will he have my tan? and his sister’s attitude? lol. What will he like to do? What will he be good at? So many question’s I have stuck in my mind. I also wonder every day how it will be with 2 kids instead of just 1. I know it will be hard. But I know it will be so awesome to have to miracles. I am also proud to say that I am officially in the 3rd trimester. My final trimester!!!  Apparently now my little guys eyes are partially open and he can now blink. How exciting! He is about 15 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds. I can’t believe he is about that big now. He is obviously good at listening.lol. Anytime there is a loud noise he will get startled and move around a little. Whenever he hears his daddy’s voice he goes pretty crazy. I wonder how he feels about his big sister though she will come over and yell at him if he isn’t moving. and she will tell him that he needs to move. I can’t really think of anything to talk about, but I might get back on if I think of anything to say. 🙂



womens and babies trip. 5/10/12

It was the morning of may 10th and I woke up with terrible pains in my stomach. Now with my daughter I never had contractions so I didnt know what was going on, if this was contractions or not. So I just let it go and tried to keep going on with my day. After about 2 hours or so of this going on I couldnt take the pain anymore, it hurt so bad. Unfortunately Matt had to go to work so he couldn’t take me to the hospital,a and plus I was not wanting to go in yet. But then about an hour after he left for work I went to the bathroom and saw blood, now  I was terrified. I started getting tons of pelvis pressure and knew I should be going to the hospital. I tried to call Matt at work and no answer. So luckily one of my friends said she would take me in. So we got to the hospital I explained to them what was going on, they hooked me up to the monitors. The doctor did the internal exam and they found blood, but didnt seem all that worried which surprised me because it scared me. They told me because he dropped down a little and he’s head down so he probably put pressure on me and thats why i bled. Now I was soooo terrified because they said he dropped and he was ready to come. But why didnt they seem all that worried? I dont know.They did a test to make sure my water didnt break, and thank goodness there was no water leaking. Definetly made me feel a little better. Then a couple different doctors came in and looked at the monitor and saw my contractions. They looked semi worried which made me even more worried.Matt got out of work and showed up about an hour after I was in the hospital. I told him what was going on but he seemed a little more calm then I was. Avaah was being terrible the whole visit. But what can you expect she is 2 years old, and being stuck to a small spot just doesnt work for her. So Matt took her out a little so she could walk around a little, as they were doing that I heard the alarms go off in my room, and that scared me so bad. I started  freaking out because on the monitor it was saying no heartbeat. So I sat there and poked and poked my stomach. I felt him move. Thank god! Doctor’s came in not all that worried thank goodness. All he did was move away from the heartbeat monitor so it wasnt pick it up anymore. Nothing serious. woahhh! Big sigh of relief. They wanted to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. It was horrible. I was contracting real bad at this point, so when they would push on my stomach even the smallest bit it put me in tears. But I was able to ignore it as soon as they showed me my little boy. Telling me how healthy he was. And then they looked at me and asked me if I knew what I was having. I was a little worried that they would end up saying it was a girl. So I told them yes, and that as far as we knew we were having a boy. And it was confirmed that Niko is still a boy! That little boy is not shy at all.lol. We got some more ultrasound pictures of him, I will put them at the bottom of my post so you can check them out. From the profile I really think he looks like me. I just hope he gets his daddy’s red hair and blue eyes. So anyway. The doctor told me all his fluids in there look really good and hes already head down. And his heartbeat was at a perfect 150. They still wanted me to stay hooked to the monitors for a little while so they could check out the contractions. After a while the contractions just stopped, and they said those contractions didnt dilate me at all so I would be okay to go home. I was pretty happy at this point to hear everything was okay and it was time for me to leave and go home. When we finally left we were there for a good 6+ hours, and i was so warn out and wanted to sleep. I’m glad my little boy is healthy. I just really am nervous that he will try and come early. Even if they give him the hormone shot he will still have to be in the nicu, so hopefully he just holds off a bit.I know we are really excited to see him, but I’ll wait a couple more months to see him if it means him being healthy.


26 weeks!

So an hour and a half ago I was officially 26 weeks pregnant. Yes! I know I should be sleeping, but for some reason I’m not even tired. I never can sleep at night, and its not just I can’t get comfortable, it’s just I cant freaking sleep. So where to start. Well I am proud to say that I only have about 90 days to go before he should be here. I know, exciting! This week is the last week in my 2nd trimester. woahoo! bring on the 3rd and final trimester! Now, with it was the third trimester that started to slow down with my daughter, and it felt like the end was never going to come. But we will see this time! The days,and weeks have been going so fast, that I hope they continue. I go for the wonderful glucose test next Thursday. I hope things go well, because with my daughter when I took that test they were a little worried, so I had to do a 24 hour urine sample to make sure everything was okay. Luckily things came back okay and I didnt have preclampsia. Hopefuly this one goes well too. And then my next doctor appointment will be the 25th of this month. And thats where I will get to hear the heartbeat again. And get weighed. dun dun dun! I have a feeling I’ve gained atleast 5 pounds since my last appointment. Whoops!  According to baby center website little Niko’s ears are pretty well formed and he can even hear conversations if people are near me. He’s inhaling and exhaling small amounts of amniotic fluid. He now weighs about a pound and two-thirds! And putting on more and more baby fat. He is about 14 inches long. And definetly running out of room already.lol. Lately I have just been looking more and more into ways of trying to go all natural. I think I’m going to enjoy the warm bath very much while in labor. I am very dedicated to going all natural, yet very scared at the same time. I dont want any drugs involved in my labor. I dont want to take any chance of having to have another c-section. I get myself so upset just thinking about having another c-section. Doctor’s are way to quick these days with doing c-sections that it makes me nervous that since I had one already they will just do one. Im planning on staying home as long as I can while in labor, so I’m not tempted into getting drugs. And lucky for me the hospital is only a 5 minute drive for me! We are still trying to figure out a plan of where Avaah is going to go while im in the hospital. I wish so bad I could just have her by my side with me. 😦 Niko has been so active lately. Especially when im trying to sleep. He’s getting really strong, he likes to slam his feet right into my ribs, and also like to head butt me as hard as he can. He is definetly a crazy one! I hope his sleep schedule changes when he comes out because if he doesnt then im not getting ANY sleep. The only time he is actually sleeping is when im out doing something. Other then that he is a ball of energy. Also, some other exciting news, his eyes can open and close. He’s growing fast already. I will update more tomorrow hopefully I think Matt is about ready to crash! night.                                                                                                                                                                                 Image

.update on big sister avaah

So, today mommy is trying to teach Avaah how to use the big girl potty. We have slowly been working on this but she is just so stubborn. Today I just put her in her panties and put her potty right by her while she played. But no she comes out and tells me that she peed herself. I really just wish she would potty train. I am not looking forward to having 2 kids in diapers. And Niko will be here in just about 3 months. So Avaah  needs to step up her game a little. She will tell me all the time when she pees or poops. But she tells me while she is doing it in her diaper. If anyone has any ideas on how to speed up the potty training please let me know. On another note, Avaah is getting soo excited for little brother Niko to come. She keeps talking to him its to cute. She tells me they are going to play together and she is going to be mommies helper. I also see some jealousy coming out already. She grabbed one of Niko’s toys and i asked her to please put it back because it was her brothers and she yelled at me and told me it was her toy. So I think there is going to be some jealousy, but she will be  a good big sister! Avaah is also getting better and better at talking, she almost knows all of her abc’s. she grew up so fast. But she definetly has one of the biggest attitudes. She always wants things her way, and her way only. I’ll keep updating on Avaah. 🙂

yay! 25 weeks today

oh man! I can’t believe I am 25 weeks! This pregnancy has gone so fast. according to the baby center website my baby is a little over 13 inches long, and he is about a pound and a half. He should now start growing hair. Now im wondering even more if he will have his daddy’s red hair or mommy and big sister’s dark brown hair. So many questions on how he will look, I just cant wait to find out! I am definetly getting warn out from this pregnancy. They dont lie when they say every pregnancy is different. With my daughter I didnt really gain weight, I didnt feel pregnant much at all. With Niko I have gained 20 some pounds. I am always sore,gassy,tired, and everything else.lol. Im very much ready for my little boy to be here. I have pretty much all of his stuff set up..his crib,bedding set, swing, all his clothing is put away, pack n play/bassinet. It’s all ready for him. Now we just need him and we are complete. I get to have the wonderful glucose in a week or 2 so I get to look forward to that. woahoo! not! anyway….so for the past couple weeks I have been having problems with my blood pressure being to low so hopefully I can get that all figured out and get it normal. As far as braxton hicks contractions go I have just started to get them this week. I didnt have them with my daughter until the last couple weeks. They hurt sometimes, and on top of that I have been having the ligament pain as well. So I have just been getting hit with everything lately.  I have been getting so anxious lately because I’m worried about having another c section. I am so set on having an all natural birth that I really don’t want a c section. But of course, if i need to get one i definetly will for my son’s safety and mine. My craving right now is slushies,snow cones,ice cream. Pretty much anything like that. The other week is was mashed potatoes. It’s like each week I have a different craving. So yesterday wanted to feel her brother move so she lifted up my shirt and poked at my belly. He just did not want to move so then she started getting angry at him and scolding him and kept saying “Niko move,Niko move” she’s to funny. It’s also funny because she will life my shirt up and say brother and point to my belly, and then she will lift her shirt up and say brother. She’s a goof ball. I can’t wait until he is here, she will be such a good big sister! jealous im sure at time. but a great big sister.

so as everyone knows by now that I am having a boy so I just was interested in all those gender myths I think I may post some on here and see how accurate they are. (btw i dont believe them, i just do them for fun) 

If the baby’s father puts on weight during pregnancy – it’s a boy……My boyfriend hasnt put on any weight, he weighs less then me now.lol)

Acne. If you have more acne, it’s a girl………………..(I have had more pimples but I am not having a girl)

There was another one that if the babies heart rate is over 140 then its a girl. and my sons heart rate is usually around 150. so that’s not true at all.

I thought that was just something fun to do! lol.

if anyone ever wants to give me feedback on this and tell me what i should talk about in my next blog please feel free too. I love hearing everyones opinion. Well, its midnight here now so I think its time for me to go to bed. Maybe blog more tomorrow! And ofcourse Niko just woke up.lol. my silly baby with his days and nights mixed up.lol. night everyone!Image

my birth plan. But we will really see what happens when the time comes :)


Birth Plan for the ___Whitton/Galati__ family.

Mother’s first name: Alexandra

Father’s first name: Matthew

Due Date: 8/16/12

Coach’s first name: Matthew

Other support people: my mom, Matthew’s mom, Matt’s sister Brittany, My sister Samantha

Name of obstetrician:

Desired hospital: Womens and babies


Low lighting
Wear own clothing
Coach/partner only desired attendees other than medical staff
I want my labor and delivery photographed/video recorded


Unlimited freedom to move (walking, bathroom, rocking chair, fitness ball, etc.)


I.V. placement should be attempted only if dehydration occurs

Clear fluids
Ice chips

Intermittent monitoring (Fetoscope, Doppler, etc.)

I would like to avoid catheterization unless it is absolutely necessary

Pain Relief Offer:
Do not offer; I will ask if I desire it

Pain Relief Options:
Relaxation techniques
Hot or cold compresses
Water therapy (bath, whirlpool, shower)


Epidural: only if i REALLY need one.
Walking epidural

Labor Induction/Augmentation:
No induction
I prefer my amniotic sac be allowed to rupture on its own


People as leg support rather than stirrups
Pushing with medical direction

I would like to touch baby’s head when it crowns
I would like a mirror available to view pushing/crowning/birth

I want baby placed on my chest immediately after birth
I would like my partner/coach to cut the cord
I would like to hold the baby while delivery placenta
I wish baby to be examined in my presence.
If baby cannot be examined in my presence, I wish my partner/coach to remain with baby at all times
I do not wish baby to be placed under heat lamps; I will hold baby and provide body warmth instead

I would like an episiotomy to reduce risk of tearing
I would like a local anesthetic during repair of tear/episiotomy

I wish to breastfeed exclusively
I would like to meet with a lactation consultant as soon as possible
I want baby circumcised

I would like baby to “room in”
I would like baby to be brought to me for all feedings
I welcome all well wishers

In the event that a cesarean section is deemed necessary, I would like the following:
Partner/coach present
Screen lowered at delivery
I would like the procedure described as it is happening
Partner would like to cut cord
In the Event that Baby Requires Special Care Due to Trauma or Illness:
I would like to breastfeed/pump breast milk
Partner/coach will accompany baby if transferred to another hospital
I would like to be transferred to baby’s hospital