womens and babies trip. 5/10/12

It was the morning of may 10th and I woke up with terrible pains in my stomach. Now with my daughter I never had contractions so I didnt know what was going on, if this was contractions or not. So I just let it go and tried to keep going on with my day. After about 2 hours or so of this going on I couldnt take the pain anymore, it hurt so bad. Unfortunately Matt had to go to work so he couldn’t take me to the hospital,a and plus I was not wanting to go in yet. But then about an hour after he left for work I went to the bathroom and saw blood, now  I was terrified. I started getting tons of pelvis pressure and knew I should be going to the hospital. I tried to call Matt at work and no answer. So luckily one of my friends said she would take me in. So we got to the hospital I explained to them what was going on, they hooked me up to the monitors. The doctor did the internal exam and they found blood, but didnt seem all that worried which surprised me because it scared me. They told me because he dropped down a little and he’s head down so he probably put pressure on me and thats why i bled. Now I was soooo terrified because they said he dropped and he was ready to come. But why didnt they seem all that worried? I dont know.They did a test to make sure my water didnt break, and thank goodness there was no water leaking. Definetly made me feel a little better. Then a couple different doctors came in and looked at the monitor and saw my contractions. They looked semi worried which made me even more worried.Matt got out of work and showed up about an hour after I was in the hospital. I told him what was going on but he seemed a little more calm then I was. Avaah was being terrible the whole visit. But what can you expect she is 2 years old, and being stuck to a small spot just doesnt work for her. So Matt took her out a little so she could walk around a little, as they were doing that I heard the alarms go off in my room, and that scared me so bad. I started  freaking out because on the monitor it was saying no heartbeat. So I sat there and poked and poked my stomach. I felt him move. Thank god! Doctor’s came in not all that worried thank goodness. All he did was move away from the heartbeat monitor so it wasnt pick it up anymore. Nothing serious. woahhh! Big sigh of relief. They wanted to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. It was horrible. I was contracting real bad at this point, so when they would push on my stomach even the smallest bit it put me in tears. But I was able to ignore it as soon as they showed me my little boy. Telling me how healthy he was. And then they looked at me and asked me if I knew what I was having. I was a little worried that they would end up saying it was a girl. So I told them yes, and that as far as we knew we were having a boy. And it was confirmed that Niko is still a boy! That little boy is not shy at all.lol. We got some more ultrasound pictures of him, I will put them at the bottom of my post so you can check them out. From the profile I really think he looks like me. I just hope he gets his daddy’s red hair and blue eyes. So anyway. The doctor told me all his fluids in there look really good and hes already head down. And his heartbeat was at a perfect 150. They still wanted me to stay hooked to the monitors for a little while so they could check out the contractions. After a while the contractions just stopped, and they said those contractions didnt dilate me at all so I would be okay to go home. I was pretty happy at this point to hear everything was okay and it was time for me to leave and go home. When we finally left we were there for a good 6+ hours, and i was so warn out and wanted to sleep. I’m glad my little boy is healthy. I just really am nervous that he will try and come early. Even if they give him the hormone shot he will still have to be in the nicu, so hopefully he just holds off a bit.I know we are really excited to see him, but I’ll wait a couple more months to see him if it means him being healthy.



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  1. SUPER LONG POST lol 🙂

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