38 weeks 5 days! Beware! this one is really long! And hopefully my last post being pregnant!

WOW! just a couple days until my due date! I’m so excited! It’s crazy to think that labor could strike at anytime,any second, ugh and…any place! lol! So the reason I didn’t update the other day after my ultrasound was because I ended up missing that appointment. I don’t know if its the baby brain or what but I kept checking my appointment and swore it said 9:00. Clearly I was wrong and it was 8:00. So I had to reschedule. It stinks because they were thinking about inducing me that day but they never got to do the ultrasound to see how he was doing.Oh well! I guess it gave him more time to bake in there! LOL! So my appointment is for this Thursday. Which I kind of hope that they decide to induce me that day!! But we will see. I have a regular prenatal appointment tomorrow and I think I might see if they can strip my membranes or also known as a sweep. But they may not want to. But I know my doctor told me he really doesn’t want me to go past my due date,I’m so ready to meet this little boy…

so here’s all my symptoms/thoughts at 38 weeks:

Well, i mentioned in my last post about my heartburn,indigestion…Luckily that is all something in the past. I haven’t had that in a couple days Thank god! That just made night time even worse. So that’s  a plus right there.

Ewww something that is pretty gross though is this colostrum coming out. I did not have that come out until my daughter was born. And now I should be wearing a breast pad because I get so much coming out. I guess its a good thing though because I’m really praying this time that I can breast feed him!

Right now my biggest worry is leaving my daughter. I have been a stay at home mom for her whole life pretty much and I’m pretty much always by her side. I know the hospital said my daughter can be in the room when I deliver him and she can stay at the hospital, but I just don’t feel like that’s ideal for a 2 year old. I broke down balling my eyes out there other night because I don’t want to go that long without my daughter. But I guess it might not be that bad because it gives me some alone time before I bring him home, and I get some resting time. And I  am bringing many pictures of my daughter for when i’m in there. Those pictures will be my focal point.

The most annoying symptom I have been having lately is peeing ALL the time. It’s like I can take a sip from a drink and then like 5 minutes later I am in the bathroom peeing. Luckily I don’t really get woken up that often to pee. Maybe like 2 times if that. So I’m pretty happy about that. LOL!

TMI! Another not so lovely thing that has been happening is my mucous plug. It has been coming out constantly. So i’m not sure if I will loose that whole thing at once or it will just keep slowly coming out. It is seriously the grossest thing in the world. But I guess in a way it makes me happy because I know its another symptom that means labor is near.While I’m on the TMI i might as well write about this…Ugh! I know doctor’s say when you get close to labor  you will poop a lot more because your body is clearly out and prepping for labor. But oh my gosh! It’s like I’m in the bathroom all the time, bleh! That’s why I don’t get why people drink that castrol oil, because you definetly poop enough at the end of pregnancy without having to take that stuff.

I also feel like I’m going to scratch the skin right off my stomach. All I do is itch it lately. It itches to freaking bad.And this only started to happen this past week. I’m guessing that he is still growing in there which is good since my daughter stopped growing by this time. But the best news is I don’t have any stretch marks. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

sleeping? what is that? Ugh! I’m never comfortable. I toss and turn so bad. One minute I’m hot and then the next I am cold. And then once I get comfortable the baby will start to move around and that makes it even harder to sleep. So, I can’t wait until he is out and then I can sleep when he is sleeping!

My braxton hicks are getting even worse! I was actually in the hospital the other night because I kept having braxton hicks, and everytime I would have one I would feel my incision tugging and it hurt so bad. So I wanted to go in and get that checked out. The doctor’s said there really isn’t anything they could do since I am trying for a vbac. But the contractions said that I am in latent labor (also known as the 1st stage) and the longest stage of labor. GREAT! But I’m starting to dilate and my cervix is very soft so hopefully this 1st stage of labor picks up and he makes his entrance into the world.


Last week when I had my prenatal they still said he is measuring small. They told me he was measuring 32 weeks which I really dont believe that. he definetly feels bigger then my daughter did and she stopped growing really early. So I kind of think they were off on there. But according to my last appointment I have gained a total of 40 pounds which is a lot for me. I started at 115 and I am now 145. Luckily I don’t look to terribly huge. And I swear half the weight was gained in my boobs anyway. lol!

As far as labor goes I am still planning an all natural Vbac. I am praying and praying so hard that this works for me. But a c section is the safest thing for him then I will do it. There is so many benefits for having an all natural birth. I want to be able to have a birth that I am not stuck laying on the bed. I want to walk, use the Jacuzzi, etc. Even though my boyfriend just wants me to get a c section because he doesn’t want to see me in all that pain for labor. I love that he cares about me and thinks that will be better. But in this case its what I want and not him! lol! Image