my journey to having a vbac

I know everyone! I have been slacking so bad at writing on here, but if you couldn’t tell from my tittle that my son is now here. And this is the my story!!

Well, it was August 9th and I had my scheduled ultrasound to check Niko’s weight and growth. The ultrasound was surprisingly quick. I think it lasted for about 10 minutes when all my past ones lasted about 20 minutes or more. The ultrasound tech left the room so she could take the pictures to the doctor and he could see how Niko was doing. We waited for about 10 minutes and I was pretty nervous. The doctor came into the room and his 1st words were “Thank goodness you came in today, the baby is small. He is in the 9th percentile and weighing about 6 pounds 1 ounce” Then he proceeded to say he wanted Niko to be delivered that day and they were going to go right for a c section. WHAT?!?! WAS HE SERIOUS?! My heart sank this was not what I wanted. I said okay, and just realized I was going to get my dream Vbac. It was pretty devastating to me. The doctor left the room so he could call my regular doctor and give him the results of everything. As soon as he walked out of the room I just started crying, I really was determined to have my Vbac, and those dreams were taken from me in the matter of seconds. The doctor came back in the room and said we had to go wait in the waiting room so they could figure out what was going on. After about 10 minutes he came back out and told me they wanted to do a stress test to see if they could wait and do the c section the next day. The hooked me up the monitors for about half an hour and the lady who ran that test said they were going to send me right to the hospital to deliver. God! Things were just going the opposite of how I hoped this would be.Once again we got sent out to the waiting room to see what they wanted to do….About 20 minutes went by and the doctor came out and 2 more doctors came out and they took me back to a room. They did an internal check. I was barely effaced and I was 1cm dilated. Then the doctor said something to make me feel amillion times better. He said “so you are trying for a Vbac this time?” I dont know what got them to change their mind, and at that point I didnt care.I’m just glad I was getting what I wanted. They then told me that they were going to induce me the next day. I had to be there at 7:30AM so they could decide what they were going to do to induce me. So we went home to get things ready and cleaned up for the next day. Matt unfortunately had to work that night so I was going to have my mom take me into the hospital the next morning to get the induction started while he stayed home and slept a little. So the next morning came around and my mom came, I said goodbye to Avaah 😦 and then we headed to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes until they took me back to my room. And then they did all paperwork and asked about 50 questions. They decided that the way they were going to induce was use the folley balloon. (The use of a Foley Catheter for labor induction is not as common as it once was. The balloon portion of the Foley, used to keep the bladder empty, is inserted, deflated, into the uterus either by having your practitioner visual the cervix as in a speculum exam or with the fingers, feeling that the balloon is between the amniotic sac and the lower uterine segment (bottom of the uterus). The balloon is then inflated with saline solution and left in place. The goal of this induction is to cause the cervix to mechanically open. Sometimes this will start labor spontaneously and sometimes it will simply make the cervix more favorable for pitocin, other drug induction or amniotomy(breaking the bag of water) I was in so much pain when they first inserted it, but luckily the pain didnt last long. They came and checked it about 2 hours later and then found out it was put in wrong. That was just great because then they had to take it out and redo it. The pain was WAY worse this time, but this time the pain didnt stop. The pain was so bad, I had to call the doctor in the room because I thought something was wrong. The doctor looked on the monitor and saw that I was in active labor. And from that point on I was getting a contraction every other minute. So it was pretty intense right from the beginning. I then called Matt because at that point I was by myself in the room. And I did not want to be by myself anymore. Luckily a couple minutes later Matt’s mom came back in the room with me and then my mom,grammy, and Avaah came. I was so glad they brought my daughter in. That was probably one the hardest thing being in the hospital (not having her by my side the whole time) Anyways, it didnt take long for me to start begging them to let me walk around or get in the shower. But unfortunately they would not let me since I had a previous c section, so they told me that I had to stay in bed the WHOLE time. I was not happy about this at all. I wanted to go all natural. But since I wasnt aloud out of bed I wanted to be comfortable atleast. I asked the doctor if I could just get the epidural since I wasnt comfortable. The doctor who does those was busy at that moment so they said they would do the IV drugs. Those drugs definetly worked a little. It made me feel drunk, it didnt take all the pain away, but it took the edge away. It started to run off in about 2 hours, and after that wore off I asked for more but the doctors told me it was to soon. That sucked. I had to wait another 2 hours for any more drugs. Luckily that 2 hours went quick, and they came back in and gave me more IV drugs. Unfortunately the contractions were so bad by this point that those drugs didnt help worth crap. I just wanted my epidural so bad. It took about another 20 minutes for the doctor to finally come in to start the epidural. THANK GOD! I had my mom in there with me while they did it (my boyfriend is a baby when it comes to needles) lol! The epidural did not hurt at all. It was just hard trying to stay still while they were trying to doit. But once that epidural was in and started to take effect I was a whole new happy person. Lol! That was the greatest thing on earth. I got the epidural at 5 and from there I just started to dilate like crazy. They said I should start dilating 1 cm every hour. Let’s just say when they started the epidural I was 2cm and I had my son at 8:55 so I dilated a lot quicker then 1cm an hour. They broke my water right after I got the epidural, which that felt pretty weird even with having the epidural. The most horrible thing was that the epidural did not work on my right thigh so I could feel every contraction there. OUCH! But it was about 7 and I started to get pressure so I thought it was time. My boyfriend and I were the only ones in the room at the time so I had him call his mom and my mom and tell them we think its happening soon. They came rushing over. I was having pressure so bad but when they checked I was only 9cm. It sucked because I thought I was ready. I then felt a bi gush of water and I said I thought the baby came out. Luckily though I felt and there was no head there I was just loosing more amniotic fluid. They then started to get everything ready, they got all the tools they would need ready. That’s when I looked at my boyfriend and said “are you ready” he seemed a little nervous. But it was all becoming so real to me. The doctor checked my blood pressure again to make sure I was doing okay, my blood pressure was really high when they checked and they seemed a little worried. I told them to let it be it was fine, its because I was a little nervous. Luckily they didnt say anymore about it. I did still have it in my head that something might go wrong and I could be having a c section. I was so nervous. At about 8:15 I told them it was the real deal and I felt the need to push bad. They told me I needed to wait because my doctor was in another room delivering a baby. What? They wanted me to wait they are crazy. There was seriously 7 other people pushing when I was it was crazy. But at about 8:20 the doctor got in the room and it was way past time to start pushing. As soon as the doctor came in I took one push. And then I relaxed a bit. It was really cool having the mirror in front of me I could see everything I was doing. The environment was so funny in the room. I was making fun of my boyfriends mom in the room because she was putting doctors gloves on. Then we were having a conversation about lowes and my boyfriends safety glasses. And I know at one point I looked in the mirror and was like “my legs are so ugly” I know it was weird. Lol! I never got to the point of pushing were I got really tired. It was pretty easy for me. As his head was beginning to crown my boyfriends mom was all up in my crotch and was like “I THINK HES A RED HEAD” she’s such a nut! I only had to push 1 more time after they could see his hair. He came out so fast the doctor almost dropped him. I could not believe how fast I got him out. The doctor’s told me it usually takes an average person an hour or 2 to push out their first vaginal baby. He came out crying with all 10 fingers and toes. He was perfect and a perfect clone of his daddy. He was born 8:55PM August 10th 2012. weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces. And was 19 inches long. His name is Niko Mauro. I honestly feel like I have conquered the world having a vbac. Especially knowing that my doctors just wanted me to have a c section. 



my next post that i will post in a couple minutes will have pictures from labor and delivery


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