my journey to having a vbac

I know everyone! I have been slacking so bad at writing on here, but if you couldn’t tell from my tittle that my son is now here. And this is the my story!!

Well, it was August 9th and I had my scheduled ultrasound to check Niko’s weight and growth. The ultrasound was surprisingly quick. I think it lasted for about 10 minutes when all my past ones lasted about 20 minutes or more. The ultrasound tech left the room so she could take the pictures to the doctor and he could see how Niko was doing. We waited for about 10 minutes and I was pretty nervous. The doctor came into the room and his 1st words were “Thank goodness you came in today, the baby is small. He is in the 9th percentile and weighing about 6 pounds 1 ounce” Then he proceeded to say he wanted Niko to be delivered that day and they were going to go right for a c section. WHAT?!?! WAS HE SERIOUS?! My heart sank this was not what I wanted. I said okay, and just realized I was going to get my dream Vbac. It was pretty devastating to me. The doctor left the room so he could call my regular doctor and give him the results of everything. As soon as he walked out of the room I just started crying, I really was determined to have my Vbac, and those dreams were taken from me in the matter of seconds. The doctor came back in the room and said we had to go wait in the waiting room so they could figure out what was going on. After about 10 minutes he came back out and told me they wanted to do a stress test to see if they could wait and do the c section the next day. The hooked me up the monitors for about half an hour and the lady who ran that test said they were going to send me right to the hospital to deliver. God! Things were just going the opposite of how I hoped this would be.Once again we got sent out to the waiting room to see what they wanted to do….About 20 minutes went by and the doctor came out and 2 more doctors came out and they took me back to a room. They did an internal check. I was barely effaced and I was 1cm dilated. Then the doctor said something to make me feel amillion times better. He said “so you are trying for a Vbac this time?” I dont know what got them to change their mind, and at that point I didnt care.I’m just glad I was getting what I wanted. They then told me that they were going to induce me the next day. I had to be there at 7:30AM so they could decide what they were going to do to induce me. So we went home to get things ready and cleaned up for the next day. Matt unfortunately had to work that night so I was going to have my mom take me into the hospital the next morning to get the induction started while he stayed home and slept a little. So the next morning came around and my mom came, I said goodbye to Avaah ūüė¶ and then we headed to the hospital. We sat in the waiting room for about 15 minutes until they took me back to my room. And then they did all paperwork and asked about 50 questions. They decided that the way they were going to induce was use the folley balloon. (The use of a Foley Catheter for labor induction is not as common as it once was. The balloon portion of the Foley, used to keep the bladder empty, is inserted, deflated, into the uterus either by having your practitioner visual the cervix as in a speculum exam or with the fingers, feeling that the balloon is between the amniotic sac and the lower uterine segment (bottom of the uterus). The balloon is then inflated with saline solution and left in place.¬†The goal of this induction is to cause the cervix to mechanically open. Sometimes this will start labor spontaneously and sometimes it will simply make the cervix more favorable for pitocin, other drug induction or amniotomy(breaking the bag of water) I was in so much pain when they first inserted it, but luckily the pain didnt last long. They came and checked it about 2 hours later and then found out it was put in wrong. That was just great because then they had to take it out and redo it. The pain was WAY worse this time, but this time the pain didnt stop. The pain was so bad, I had to call the doctor in the room because I thought something was wrong. The doctor looked on the monitor and saw that I was in active labor. And from that point on I was getting a contraction every other minute. So it was pretty intense right from the beginning. I then called Matt because at that point I was by myself in the room. And I did not want to be by myself anymore. Luckily a couple minutes later Matt’s mom came back in the room with me and then my mom,grammy, and Avaah came. I was so glad they brought my daughter in. That was probably one the hardest thing being in the hospital (not having her by my side the whole time) Anyways, it didnt take long for me to start begging them to let me walk around or get in the shower. But unfortunately they would not let me since I had a previous c section, so they told me that I had to stay in bed the WHOLE time. I was not happy about this at all. I wanted to go all natural. But since I wasnt aloud out of bed I wanted to be comfortable atleast. I asked the doctor if I could just get the epidural since I wasnt comfortable. The doctor who does those was busy at that moment so they said they would do the IV drugs. Those drugs definetly worked a little. It made me feel drunk, it didnt take all the pain away, but it took the edge away. It started to run off in about 2 hours, and after that wore off I asked for more but the doctors told me it was to soon. That sucked. I had to wait another 2 hours for any more drugs. Luckily that 2 hours went quick, and they came back in and gave me more IV drugs. Unfortunately the contractions were so bad by this point that those drugs didnt help worth crap. I just wanted my epidural so bad. It took about another 20 minutes for the doctor to finally come in to start the epidural. THANK GOD! I had my mom in there with me while they did it (my boyfriend is a baby when it comes to needles) lol! The epidural did not hurt at all. It was just hard trying to stay still while they were trying to doit. But once that epidural was in and started to take effect I was a whole new happy person. Lol! That was the greatest thing on earth. I got the epidural at 5 and from there I just started to dilate like crazy. They said I should start dilating 1 cm every hour. Let’s just say when they started the epidural I was 2cm and I had my son at 8:55 so I dilated a lot quicker then 1cm an hour. They broke my water right after I got the epidural, which that felt pretty weird even with having the epidural. The most horrible thing was that the epidural did not work on my right thigh so I could feel every contraction there. OUCH! But it was about 7 and I started to get pressure so I thought it was time. My boyfriend and I were the only ones in the room at the time so I had him call his mom and my mom and tell them we think its happening soon. They came rushing over. I was having pressure so bad but when they checked I was only 9cm. It sucked because I thought I was ready. I then felt a bi gush of water and I said I thought the baby came out. Luckily though I felt and there was no head there I was just loosing more amniotic fluid. They then started to get everything ready, they got all the tools they would need ready. That’s when I looked at my boyfriend and said ‚Äúare you ready‚ÄĚ he seemed a little nervous. But it was all becoming so real to me. The doctor checked my blood pressure again to make sure I was doing okay, my blood pressure was really high when they checked and they seemed a little worried. I told them to let it be it was fine, its because I was a little nervous. Luckily they didnt say anymore about it. I did still have it in my head that something might go wrong and I could be having a c section. I was so nervous. At about 8:15 I told them it was the real deal and I felt the need to push bad. They told me I needed to wait because my doctor was in another room delivering a baby. What? They wanted me to wait they are crazy. There was seriously 7 other people pushing when I was it was crazy. But at about 8:20 the doctor got in the room and it was way past time to start pushing. As soon as the doctor came in I took one push. And then I relaxed a bit. It was really cool having the mirror in front of me I could see everything I was doing. The environment was so funny in the room. I was making fun of my boyfriends mom in the room because she was putting doctors gloves on. Then we were having a conversation about lowes and my boyfriends safety glasses. And I know at one point I looked in the mirror and was like ‚Äúmy legs are so ugly‚ÄĚ I know it was weird. Lol! I never got to the point of pushing were I got really tired. It was pretty easy for me. As his head was beginning to crown my boyfriends mom was all up in my crotch and was like ‚ÄúI THINK HES A RED HEAD‚ÄĚ she’s such a nut! I only had to push 1 more time after they could see his hair. He came out so fast the doctor almost dropped him. I could not believe how fast I got him out. The doctor’s told me it usually takes an average person an hour or 2 to push out their first vaginal baby. He came out crying with all 10 fingers and toes. He was perfect and a perfect clone of his daddy. He was born 8:55PM August 10th¬†2012. weighing in at 6 pounds 5 ounces. And was 19 inches long. His name is Niko Mauro. I honestly feel like I have conquered the world having a vbac. Especially knowing that my doctors just wanted me to have a c section.¬†



my next post that i will post in a couple minutes will have pictures from labor and delivery

38 weeks 5 days! Beware! this one is really long! And hopefully my last post being pregnant!

WOW! just a couple days until my due date!¬†I’m¬†so excited! It’s crazy to think that labor could strike at anytime,any second, ugh and…any place! lol! So the reason I¬†didn’t¬†update the other day after my ultrasound was because I ended up missing that appointment. I¬†don’t¬†know if its the baby brain or what but I kept checking my appointment and swore it said 9:00. Clearly I was wrong and it was 8:00. So I had to reschedule. It stinks because they were thinking about inducing me that day but they never got to do the ultrasound to see how he was doing.Oh well! I guess it gave him more time to bake in there! LOL! So my appointment is for this Thursday. Which I kind of hope that they decide to induce me that day!! But we will see. I have a regular prenatal appointment tomorrow and I think I might see if they can strip my membranes or also known as a sweep. But they may not want to. But I know my doctor told me he really¬†doesn’t¬†want me to go past my due date,I’m so ready to meet this little boy…

so here’s all my symptoms/thoughts at 38 weeks:

Well, i mentioned in my last post about my heartburn,indigestion…Luckily that is all something in the past. I¬†haven’t¬†had that in a couple days Thank god! That just made night time even worse. So¬†that’s¬†¬†a plus right there.

Ewww something that is pretty gross though is this colostrum coming out. I did not have that come out until my daughter was born. And now I should be wearing a breast pad because I get so much coming out. I guess its a good thing though because I’m really praying this time that I can breast feed him!

Right now my biggest worry is leaving my daughter. I have been a stay at home mom for her whole life pretty much and I’m pretty much always by her side. I know the hospital said my daughter can be in the room when I deliver him and she can stay at the hospital, but I just¬†don’t¬†feel like¬†that’s¬†ideal for a 2 year old. I broke down balling my eyes out there other night because I don’t want to go that long without my daughter. But I guess it might not be that bad because it gives me some¬†alone time¬†before I bring him home, and I get some resting time. And I¬†¬†am bringing many pictures of my daughter for when i’m in there. Those pictures will be my focal point.

The most annoying¬†symptom¬†I have been having lately is peeing ALL the time. It’s like I can take a sip from a drink and then like 5 minutes later I am in the bathroom peeing. Luckily I¬†don’t¬†really get woken up that often to pee. Maybe like 2 times if that. So I’m pretty happy about that. LOL!

TMI! Another not so lovely thing that has been happening is my mucous plug. It has been coming out¬†constantly. So i’m not sure if I will loose that whole thing at once or it will just keep slowly coming out. It is seriously the grossest thing in the world. But I guess in a way it makes me happy because I know its another symptom that means labor is near.While I’m on the TMI i might as well write about this…Ugh! I know doctor’s say when you get close to labor ¬†you will poop a lot more because your body is clearly out and prepping for labor. But oh my gosh! It’s like I’m in the bathroom all the time, bleh! That’s why I¬†don’t¬†get why people drink that castrol oil, because you definetly poop enough at the end of pregnancy without having to take that stuff.

I also feel like I’m going to scratch the skin right off my stomach. All I do is itch it lately. It itches to freaking bad.And this only started to happen this past week. I’m guessing that he is still growing in there which is good since my daughter stopped growing by this time. But the best news is I don’t have any stretch marks. KNOCK ON WOOD!!!

sleeping? what is that? Ugh! I’m never comfortable. I toss and turn so bad. One minute I’m hot and then the next I am cold. And then once I get comfortable the baby will start to move around and that makes it even harder to sleep. So, I can’t wait until he is out and then I can sleep when he is sleeping!

My braxton hicks are getting even worse! I was actually in the hospital the other night because I kept having braxton hicks, and everytime I would have one I would feel my incision tugging and it hurt so bad. So I wanted to go in and get that checked out. The doctor’s said there really isn’t anything they could do since I am trying for a vbac. But the contractions said that I am in¬†latent¬†labor (also known as the 1st stage) and the longest stage of labor. GREAT! But I’m starting to dilate and my cervix is very soft so hopefully this 1st stage of labor picks up and he makes his entrance into the world.


Last week when I had my prenatal they still said he is measuring small. They told me he was measuring 32 weeks which I really dont believe that. he definetly feels bigger then my daughter did and she stopped growing really early. So I kind of think they were off on there. But according to my last appointment I have gained a total of 40 pounds which is a lot for me. I started at 115 and I am now 145. Luckily I don’t look to terribly huge. And I swear half the weight was gained in my boobs anyway. lol!

As far as labor goes I am still planning an all natural Vbac. I am praying and praying so hard that this works for me. But a c section is the safest thing for him then I will¬†do it. There is so many benefits for having an all natural birth. I want to be able to have a birth that I am not stuck laying on the bed. I want to walk, use the¬†Jacuzzi, etc. Even though my boyfriend just wants me to get a c section because he¬†doesn’t¬†want to see me in all that pain for labor. I love that he cares about me and thinks that will be better. But in this case its what I want and not him! lol!¬†Image

36 weeks 3 days

Ok, so I’m going to try this again. I wrote yesterday for about an hour and then my whole post got deleted. I am hoping that this does not happen again. Well so I am now 36 weeks and 3 days. That means 4 days until he is full term and then he can officially come at any point. I can’t believe. Well if you remember I mentioned in my last post how they were sending me to a high risk doctor and they were doing an ultrasound to check measurements. Well I had that appointment last week. I’m proud to say that he is looking good. He is on the smaller side, but nothing to extreme. Which doesnt surprise me since his sister was small when she was born. He was being a stubborn little boy pretty much the whole time, his hands were at his face the whole time. And a lot of the time his feet were up there. He is still a little boy! lol. ofcourse. His legs are measuring ahead, so he is going to be tiny with long legs. But his daddy and I have pretty long legs so I’m not surprised. I also had them check to see if they see any hair on him. They said he only has a little bit, which surprised me. I had a ton of hair when I was born, and my daughter had a ton of hair. So I blame Matt for the lack of Since he didnt have much hair when he was born. ūüôā His heartbeat is in the 150’s so thats really good.He is also head down now.They have me going back August 3rd to do another ultrasound. And they told me if he is to behind on size they will probably go ahead and induce me. Which I really hope not. I want to be able to go into labor on my own. I also had another regular prenatal appointment a couple days after that appointment.They did the strep B test, and that came back negative. Which is good! His heart rate was still looking good, and he was still head down. Obviously I was still measuring behind at that appointment. I got checked for dilation, and my cervix was just starting to open up. So i’m not even starting to dilate yet. I’m not effaced at all. I got back there the 30th for another prenatal….

As far as labor I am still going to try my hardest to do an all natural Vbac. I’m not going to lie I am getting pretty nervous because I have had some pretty intense braxton hicks and just those almost had me in tears, But I will just have to find ways to stay focused and get through the pain. Pretty much everyone is set that I am going to get the epidural, but we will see. I still have the option to go right to the c section but I don’t want to do that. But they told me if I feel uncomfortable in labor at all and I want to get a c section, they will let me. So I guess that’s good even though thats not what I want to do.


I’m so ready for him to be here these past couple weeks have been terrible. I always have back pain, and these braxton hicks contractions are terrible. I just started getting heartburn and indigestion the other day. I can’t get comfortable at night at all. I’m usually up until about 4 because I can’t get comfortable, and he always lays some awkward way that I just cant get comfy. I really can tell that he has started to drop now because I have been having so much pressure that it actually hurts. My nesting kicked in so bad today. I just got done cleaning pretty much the whole apartment. And just did like 3 loads of wash, and I still have more to go. I hope this means that he is almost here! This heat has been kicking my butt, I feel bad for my daughter because I can’t really take her to the park because the heat makes me feel so sick. So we are always inside playing, and watching tv.¬†


Avaah seems to be getting excited. I showed her a video with a little baby in it, and she was like “mommy, my brother!” And I kept telling her that Niko is still in mommy’s tummy, I think she was a little confused. Whenever I tell her that Niko is sleeping she always says “shhhh mommy, Niko night night!” so cute! I also watched my friends daughter for 2 days, she is 3 months old. Avaah wanted to feed her every bottle that I made her. And she didnt want to put her down at all. She would just sit on the couch and talk to her. She was so cute with her. And then she had to go home and Avaah cried. I ofcourse saw some signs of jealousy, but I already knew that would happen. I can’t wait for her to meet her little brother!¬†

Now it is just the waiting game!! We can’t wait to meet you Niko! I’m hoping to update after my doctor’s appointment the 30th. But I keep slacking on here!¬†


34 weeks and 3 days.

Wow! So I’m sure this will be the longest post yet, seeing as how I havent posted since I was like 28 weeks. So let’s see where should I begin? Well about a month ago I went and met with a doctor to discuss about my vbac. I seriously felt like I was signing my life away because there was some information on those papers that scared me. Like about how my scar can tear open, and rupture. But he said I have a good chance of having a vbac without an issue because the doctor did a double stitch when he closed me up from my daughter. I have no idea what it means. But the doctor said its a good thing, so thats what matters. He said my chances of doing it successful were a 60-80% chance. So i guess thats good. At that appointment the doctor told me that he was measuring a week behind of what he should be.(With my daughter she was small when I had her, so they werent surprised I was having another small baby. I am going to start going to a high risk doctor on June 11th and they are going to do an ultrasound and see how hes doing. If he is to small when I go to deliver I may just go and get a c section because if he is to small then he wont be able to be strong enough to handle contractions, and it might be safer. It does make me feel better because he is very active, and I really do feel like he is growing. So maybe he wont be a tiny baby. As long as he is healthy that is what matters to me. I went to the doctors last week and they said that I am measuring 3 weeks behind. But like I said I have been feeling like he has been growing so we will just have to hope and pray that he is. But thats pretty much the exciting news for now……Here’s to other news. lol. My symptoms lately. One word UGH! I have been so hot from all this heat lately, I have been living in the air conditioner, and I’m barely outside. I have been really tired lately, and sometimes I don’t even want to get out of bed. I do have those on and off moments were I want clean a lot. I wish I had that more, because my apartment needs My feet tonight are at an all time swollen, and the sad thing is I didnt walk all that much today. I seriously have never seen my feet so swollen..I also have tons of back pain, but I’m pretty sure that it is due to him dropping. Which I definetly know that he has dropped because I feel so much pressure and I he just looks so much lower. Oh yeah! Another thing the doctor told me was if I went into labor at this point they arent going to stop me. I really hope he doesnt decide to come yet. I want him to wait atleast 2 and a half more weeks, when he is 37 weeks. Last night was TERRIBLE. I had contractions the whole night. They just didnt get any stronger, or closer, so I ignored them. They went throughout the whole night. And I have randomly gotten them today. But nothing is getting closer, and they arent to terrible painful. And so far he has been treating me very well.. No stretch marks at all…well atleast on my stomach. I think im going to stop posting for now. Hopefully I keep some energy to post on here more often.This was a pic from about a week ago.So like 33 weeks!

28 weeks 4 days.

ok,i know, i know I have been slacking so bad lately with posting. But I have not been feeling my greatest lately. I have finally hit the point of pregnant where I just feel huge and ready to pop. And I still have some time left until this little boys comes into the world. I now have the joys of the swollen feet, and the awesome sore back. I’m always tired. And with it being so hot lately I feel like I can drink water ALL day and never feel completed hydrated. I have been feeling some pretty good braxton hicks contractions.That can happen at some of the most annoy times. Like when we are trying to get grocery shopping done. ¬†I had my doctor’s appointment Friday and that went pretty good. I am at a total weight gain of 22 pounds. Apparently I’m on the higher end of weight gain. But I don’t really feel as though I gained to much weight. Niko’s heartbeat was good. And once again my blood pressure was good, but they¬†aren’t¬†to worried about that. I had my glucose test done, I almost puked doing that, but that came back good. Niko has now turned so he is bead up again so¬†that’s¬†really good, because the doctor’s were worried about him coming early and everything. The only thing that has been bad news is that I have another uti, but i’m treated for that now. So I’m sure its gone by now.¬†I’m¬†so excited because in 2 weeks I will be talking with another obgyn that¬†specializes in vbacs. And if you have read any of my other posts you will know how dedicated I am to have an all natural vbac. And they will work with me to make this happen. I’m so excited.¬†¬†But I also know in the back of my mind that it is possible for me to have another c section. I just hope that doesn’t have to happen, I just wish it was August now and I could see his little face. I am so curious about what he will look like. Will he have his daddy;s red hair? or his daddy’s blue eyes? Will he have my tan? and his sister’s attitude? lol. What will he like to do? What will he be good at? So many question’s I have stuck in my mind. I also wonder every day how it will be with 2 kids instead of just 1. I know it will be hard. But I know it will be so awesome to have to miracles. I am also proud to say that I am officially in the 3rd trimester. My final trimester!!! ¬†Apparently now my little guys eyes are partially open and he can now blink. How exciting! He is about 15 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds. I can’t believe he is about that big now. He is obviously good at Anytime there is a loud noise he will get startled and move around a little. Whenever he hears his daddy’s voice he goes pretty crazy. I wonder how he feels about his big sister though she will¬†come over¬†and yell at him if he¬†isn’t¬†moving. and she will tell him that he needs to move. I can’t really think of anything to talk about, but I might get back on if I think of anything to say. ūüôā


womens and babies trip. 5/10/12

It was the morning of may 10th and I woke up with terrible pains in my stomach. Now with my daughter I never had contractions so I didnt know what was going on, if this was contractions or not. So I just let it go and tried to keep going on with my day. After about 2 hours or so of this going on I couldnt take the pain anymore, it hurt so bad. Unfortunately Matt had to go to work so he couldn’t take me to the hospital,a and plus I was not wanting to go in yet. But then about an hour after he left for work I went to the bathroom and saw blood, now ¬†I was terrified. I started getting tons of pelvis pressure and knew I should be going to the hospital. I tried to call Matt at work and no answer. So luckily one of my friends said she would take me in. So we got to the hospital I explained to them what was going on, they hooked me up to the monitors. The doctor did the internal exam and they found blood, but didnt seem all that worried which surprised me because it scared me. They told me because he dropped down a little and he’s head down so he probably put pressure on me and thats why i bled. Now I was soooo terrified because they said he dropped and he was ready to come. But why didnt they seem all that worried? I dont know.They did a test to make sure my water didnt break, and thank goodness there was no water leaking. Definetly made me feel a little better. Then a couple different doctors came in and looked at the monitor and saw my contractions. They looked semi worried which made me even more worried.Matt got out of work and showed up about an hour after I was in the hospital. I told him what was going on but he seemed a little more calm then I was. Avaah was being terrible the whole visit. But what can you expect she is 2 years old, and being stuck to a small spot just doesnt work for her. So Matt took her out a little so she could walk around a little, as they were doing that I heard the alarms go off in my room, and that scared me so bad. I started ¬†freaking out because on the monitor it was saying no heartbeat. So I sat there and poked and poked my stomach. I felt him move. Thank god! Doctor’s came in not all that worried thank goodness. All he did was move away from the heartbeat monitor so it wasnt pick it up anymore. Nothing serious. woahhh! Big sigh of¬†relief. They wanted to do an ultrasound to check my fluid levels. It was horrible. I was contracting real bad at this point, so when they would push on my stomach even the smallest bit it put me in tears. But I was able to ignore it as soon as they showed me my little boy. Telling me how healthy he was. And then they looked at me and asked me if I knew what I was having. I was a little worried that they would end up saying it was a girl. So I told them yes, and that as far as we knew we were having a boy. And it was confirmed that Niko is still a boy! That little boy is not shy at We got some more ultrasound pictures of him, I will put them at the bottom of my post so you can check them out. From the profile I really think he looks like me. I just hope he gets his daddy’s red hair and blue eyes. So anyway. The doctor told me all his fluids in there look really good and hes already head down. And his heartbeat was at a perfect 150. They still wanted me to stay hooked to the monitors for a little while so they could check out the contractions. After a while the contractions just stopped, and they said those contractions didnt dilate me at all so I would be okay to go home. I was pretty happy at this point to hear everything was okay and it was time for me to leave and go home. When we finally left we were there for a good 6+ hours, and i was so warn out and wanted to sleep. I’m glad my little boy is healthy. I just really am nervous that he will try and come early. Even if they give him the hormone shot he will still have to be in the nicu, so hopefully he just holds off a bit.I know we are really excited to see him, but I’ll wait a couple more months to see him if it means him being healthy.